Suferar - The Omen

The illustration represents the ¨Suferar¨ trilogy, a graphic novel that we are working on in our spare time. From the left to  the right we have the three volumes represented by three symbolic figures. The first figure is a very elegantly dressed and mannered sponge. He holds with a great tenderness Phoebe’s hand, one of the main characters from the graphic novel. The sponge represents the first volume´s atmosphere and the current situation of  the sponge population. They have taken refuge in the lower parts of the city and it´s drained canals and are facing extinction. They are often attacked by hordes of rats. The second volume is more concentrated on the opposition, that is the vast rat armies. Therefore the second character is none other than Zilluvitha, the founder of the city where the action  from the story takes place. Zilluvitha, at his time, was also considered the most important voice of the rat folk. The last character is the Outsider, a mysterious creature, who’s history is not clearly unveiled until the very last volume.

Original artwork was made on a 600x400mm hard paper with ink, acrylics and black ballpoint pen.


Creative process images