Babble To The Nag

Beer label made for Six Ten Brewing. The newly flavored beer that they created was an IPA with Rosemary and Vanilla 6,8%, that they named it ‘Babble To The Nag’.

The client told us that ¨the name is a reference to a Phish song called Reba which tells the story a girl who is mixing up a ‘concoction’ of random things in her bathtub and in the end it is a wonderful creation. That is sort of how we feel about this beer, that has ingredients that we wouldn’t have thought when mixed together would transform into a delicious drink. When thinking of this beer we also were thinking of woods and druids and earthy ingredients.¨ They also wanted the illustration to have a background of woods or forest with a girl mixing up a concoction in a bathtub, with the feel of a witch and a cauldron.
The illustration was hand drawn with black ballpoint pen on 300gr Canson paper, and digitally colored afterwards.


Coloring the label